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SolidWorks Mouse Gestures (Wax on, Wax off…. Daniel-san)

Magnus Whittall Tips and Tricks

Following on from last weeks post about using the SolidWorks Shortcuts Bar, here’s another efficiency tip guaranteed to make you move instinctively faster!

Frustratingly Long Mouse Movements

You know what SolidWorks can be like… You’re scrolling through tons of menus, submenus, headings etc. Back and forth between the viewport and the top of the screen, then jumping down the long list of options to get to what you want. Its a necessity of trying to maximise the functionality of an increasingly complex program… And we’ve grown quite accustomed to it without thinking. Its a pretty clunky design flow when you think about it.

The answer is to use SolidWorks Mouse Gestures

And its easy! In the viewport, just hold down the right mouse button and slightly rotate the mouse to bring up the gesture wheel.

From there you can move in the direction of the desired tool to engage it and let go of the right button.

SolidWorks Contextual Mouse GesturesMake use of customisation

Much like the Shortcuts bar, you can customise the gesture menu to whatever you please! To do this you go to Tools > Customize and you’ll be presented with a menu to modify it to your heart’s content. Why not change from 4 to 8 gesture selections in the customise menu so you’ve got twice as many options to choose from.

Move quicker and faster

Change the defaults, why not add the OK button to your gesture.

Design like a pro!

With barely a mouse movement you can now have your favourite tools all in your hand.


Mal Cook PortraitThis SFWorks Quick Tip was produced by Magnus Whittall a SolidWorks expert, Trainer and Technical Director for WA’s only locally owned and operated reseller.

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