8 Killer Tips on Harnessing your Network

Moe Aung Tips and Tricks

A bit of a departure, but nonetheless important in this day and age. NETWORKING! Here are 8 questions (and tips) when it comes to networking.

Firstly – What are your networking goals? Keep in mind your objectives for networking, – What are you trying to gain and what do you have to offer? When you have clear answers to these questions, it will be easier to focus on making quality connections and more importantly stay on track with your goals.

What’s your story? Who are you? How did you get started? People love stories. Give them something personal to connect with. If you have memorable story to use when introducing yourself to others, you’ll greatly increase the chances of them remember you and sharing your story with others.

First impressions matter… So make it a positive one! People want to work with positive people who have an upbeat attitude which in turn creates a lasting impression. Just remember to be genuine, don’t be overly cheery and gung-ho. People will connect with you more when you’re positive, but still down to earth.

Focus on quality, not quantity. Being the life of the party is not what you’re looking for – make a solid impression and maintain a good energy. Is there a great chance for a mutual benefit? If not, move on. If there is, try to find a way you can collaborate with the other person and help them achieve their goals.

Be interested. The best way to make friends and to network is to become interested in others. Seek first to understand, then to be understood. People will be more likely to trust you because they’ll know it’s not all about you.

Like likes like. Try to make connections with people that have similar interests as you. You’ll have a deeper chance of connecting with other person and they’ll be more likely to want to help you. Like their page on Facebook, follow them on Twitter or GooglePlus

Become an expert and write about it. Do you have a particular knack for something in your field of work? Start a blog! Content that you can reference can be used as a source when networking. After introducing yourself you could tell them about one of your articles and how you think they might be able to benefit from it. Make it a double whammy and include your story in your how-to articles.

Become a discoverer and an explorer. Attend events. Listen. Most of the time when we’re listening to another person, we’re really just formulating our response. Instead of just thinking about how you’re going to respond, quiet your thoughts and really listen to what they say, this will help you with the next tip.

Uncover their needs. Try to find out how you can benefit the other person. Ask them questions about what goals and aspirations they have. Once you do that you can offer help.
Even if they decline, they will be appreciate your willingness to help and will be more likely to want to help you in return.

Now go out and apply this knowledge! We have an awesome event coming up that’ll be perfect to apply it all – head over here and register for our 3D ON THE EDGE event!