SFWorks Innovation Day

2016 Innovation Day Wrap Up

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A big Thank you…

To everyone who made it down to our 2016 Innovation Day. Our Innovation Day is a unique opportunity to get an exclusive sneak peek into SolidWorks 2016 and the benefits of being on board as a subscriber with us (*cough free beer*).

Hosted at the International on the Water Hotel in Ascot, we kicked off proceedings at 4pm with drinks and nibblies. Our good friend Geoff from CBM Corporate came down to support us and showed off his new toys from HP, including a spectacular new Ultrawide Monitor sporting a whopping 3440 x 1440 resolution!

Our main man Nevin ran a great quiz (it wasn’t all just dry SolidWorks presentations), with some amusing giveaways up for grabs – hope you guys have fun with those selfie sticks.

Also a big Congratulations to Michael Park who was our 2016 Innovation Day survey winner! Michael went into the draw to win a BoomPod portable bluetooth speaker just for clicking a few things and giving us some feedback. Thank you to all who participated – your feedback will help us improve our service to you. Just as we improve, so does SolidWorks

The new SolidWorks 2016 features


Some of the new features includes a major facelift to the UI, such as the ability to expand the PropertyManager beyond its cumbersome 3 lines, Selection Breadcrumbs to show context related elements, a redesigned Triad Control for improved visibility and much more.

The new thread feature is a brilliant new addition if you’re creating threads. This tool will save valuable time and effort by being able to parametrically drive your screw threads without having to resort to complicated profiles and lofts to achieve the same thing.

Photoview 360 has also had a considerable revamp with its new Proof Sheets feature. Now you can preview 18 different lighting setups and iterate to get the look you want, without having to jump back to your viewport to get 1 single incremental change.

Want more realism with your renders? SolidWorks Visualise (formerly known as BunkSpeed) is the new standalone rendering tool to create photo-realistic images in minutes rather than hours. Check out this cool video on SolidWorks Visualise!

PDM Standard is now included in your license with 2016 Professional and Premium, making it well worth the upgrade if you’re looking for an integrated PDM small business solution without having to purchase SolidWorks EPDM on top of your subscription.

To find out more about the enhancements to SolidWorks 2016, book a Hands on Test Drive with us now.